Apply for The Small Research Grants Program

Apply for The Small Research Grants Program. The Program promotes educational research initiatives, broadly designed to improve education. Hence with budgets of up to 50,000 dollars for programs spanning from one to five years. The Small Research Grants fund the project. Three times a year, we welcome applications.

However, in that proposal submissions, this program is ‘field initiated’. Thus it does not respond to a specific call for a particular research subject, discipline, design, technique, or location. So the objective of this program is to promote rigorous, intellectually ambitious, and technically competent research related to the most pressing issues and appealing educational possibilities.

You realize that learning takes place throughout your life and throughout the whole environment. However from the classroom to the place of business, families, and communities, and even the field of play. Hence the foundation for rewarding study which produces important contributions in the subject, under the appropriate circumstances. They reward work that promotes the creative and open-minded study, conducts thorough research, and addresses substantial education issues.

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Furthermore, to that aim, this program, supported by researchers at various stages in their careers. Thus promotes proposals from diverse disciplines and methodological approaches, national and international. So their suggestions include a variety of themes and disciplines. Hence including education, anthropology, psychology, sociology, law, economics, history, and neurosciences, that will innovatively address the main issues of education.

Moreover, they are therefore open to projects that use a wide spectrum of research methods. However, including quantitative, qualitative, mixing method, ethnography, design-based research. As well as participatory and historical research, to name a number of. Yet they also expect and salute methodological diversity by answering pressing questions. However, they are available to initiatives that may use many and diverse data sources. Hence it takes enough time to gain profound knowledge. Or engage directly with practitioners or community members throughout the project’s life.

Eligibility and Restrictions


Proposals for Education Research Grants are to be made for educational research initiatives. So proposals are not eligible for activities other than research (e.g., program evaluations, professional development, curriculum development, scholarships, capital projects). In addition, research projects focusing on fields other than education are not acceptable.

Hence principal investigators (PIs) and co-PIs who apply for a Small Research Grant for education should have an accumulated Doctorate or adequate experience in an academic or professional sector. Whilst the pupils may belong to the investigative team, on the proposal they cannot be appointed PI or Co-PI.

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The PI must be associated with a public/governmental entity or a non-profit agency that, if the grant is awarded, is ready to act as the governing body. There are no grants directly from the Spencer Foundation. Examples are non-profit or public universities, universities, school districts, and research institutions, and other non-profit organizations having a 501(c)(3) IRS decision (or equivalent non-profit status if the organization is outside of the United States).

The U.S. and international approvals are accepted, but all proposals have to be made in English and the budgets in U.S. dollars.


The budgets for the proposed program are restricted to a total of $50,000 and may not include indirect costs per policy of Spencer. Additional money for the publication of the course may also be requested by eligible investigators For information, see the section on the Optional Additional Course Release.

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The suggested projects may not last more than five years.

Only one current research grant may be given at the time to PIs and Co-PIs by the Spencer Foundation. (This restriction is not applicable to an administrating organization; as long as they are for distinct projects and different research groups, organizations may submit as many proposals as they like.)

PIs and Co-PIs may not present the Spencer Foundation at any time with more than one research proposal. The Small Grants Program, Large Grant Program, and Partnership Research Practice are subject to this restriction. If a research initiative is presently being considered by the PI or any of the Co-PIs in either such a program, they must wait until a final decision on the pending proposal may be taken before they submit a new proposal.

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How to Apply

Apply for The Small Research Grants Program. The application process starts with a complete proposal; no letter of intention or intention to apply for a form is required. Full submissions for a small research grant for education must be submitted by 12:00 p.m.

Full Proposal Guidelines

Before applying for this subsidy chance. Please note that proposals for small grants must be submitted using an online Application Form in accordance with the following rules.

Step 1 – Registration

Note: The main investigator (PI) is set up for registering and submitting the form for the project. If an individual besides the PI is going to complete the entry form (e.g. an admin assistant), the PI must enroll as indicated in step 1 below and provide the applicant with their login and password.

Click here to register as a new user. But if you have an account already then proceed to your application.

Step 2 – My Profile

Follow the guidelines on the My Profile page for details and upload your current CV after logging in (10-page limit). The My Profile Page is your Spencer Foundation online account, whether you apply for a grant, review a proposal, or send a report to a grant recipient.

Note: If you have Co-PIs on your project, they must also register their profile information and complete it, if they want to be included.

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Review Process

For all qualifying applications, the Education Small Research Grant Program employs a peer-review procedure. Both external panel reviewers and internal employees will examine each proposal. It takes roughly 6 to 7 months from the deadline for the evaluation procedure for this program.

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