Man United Legend Reveals Lukaku’s Weak Point

Chelsea Update: Martin Keown reveals how to stop Romelu Lukaku.

Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown has disclosed his better plan for disarming Chelsea soccer star Romelu Lukaku’s potential danger.

Chelsea Fc otherwise known as the Blues paid £97.5 million to carry Lukaku home safely to Stamford Bridge ever since he opted to leave the west London club about 7 years ago.

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Romelu Lukaku who is a Belgium best striker has scored four goals in four matches since he’s come back to Chelsea. Three in the Premier League and another in Tuesday’s 1-0 Champions League decisive win over Zenit St Petersburg.

Keown, who recently won major trophies and 3 FA Cups at Highbury, spoke to talkSPORT about how he will indeed try to prevent Lukaku in his pathways.
‘Every single ball is a competition once you’re having to play against Lukaku,’ Keown said.

Chelsea Update: Martin Keown reveals how to stop Romelu Lukaku
Chelsea Update: Martin Keown reveals how to stop Romelu Lukaku

‘I do not even just need him to feel me. So I’m not going to get really strict, but I’m going to be hitting him.’ Come right back up to three meters away, and then once I hit him, I’ll hit him with just about everything I’ve got.

‘I’m going to have it in his ear, telling him he’s absolute crap, it’s just all lot of excitement, you’re going to play against me now, you’re not heading to have that kind of room.’

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‘You can’t let Lukaku get into the play and after which when it comes right down to it, you’re heading to have to get the match of the season, physically,’ says the coach.

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