Grant Application: AGCO Agriculture Foundation

Grant Application: AGCO Agriculture Foundation

Applications for grant funding in 2021 are now approved by the AGCO Agriculture Foundation (AAF). With its Community Investment Software Partner, Benevity, AAF has introduced a new grant application platform and seeks to partner with non-profit organizations in combating starvation.

Based on our five focus fields and support our mission, non-profit organizations are invited to submit applications for effective programs.

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The AGCO Foundation seeks to support the programs and programs of Zero Hunger in line with five main areas of focus:

  1. Future approach to nutritional requirements.
  2. Progress in agricultural quality education.
  3. Promoting community development, especially in rural areas.
  4. Ethical treatment of livestock throughout the value chain.
  5. Promoting our focus on social efforts.

Non-profit organizations registered in the marginalized farming community and recognized as legal charitable organizations may apply for funding. Applicants are asked, in order to be eligible for a grant, to provide an AAF certificate of non-profit registration.

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Excluded activities or programs to benefit:

  • Profit-making individual (hospitals, hospice programs, etc.)
  • Individuals and their personal financing efforts, political, religious, labor, or fraternal organizations
    Education groups, travel groups, or conventions
  • Sports Leagues, sports teams for youth and/or for adult sports, clubs or golf tournaments, or other similar one-of-a-kind events.
  • Schools, districts, individual students, alumni associations, schools or parent organizations, activities, and other organizations (unless registered for non-profit.

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Application Review Process

After submitting applications to the application portal, applicants confirming their submission will receive an e-mail notification. In the initial assessment procedure, the AAF shall review each submission and email updates to inform applicants of their status or to notify them of further information. All automated e-mails are sent out of an incoming inbox.
For final reviews and grant decisions, only completed applications that meet our eligibility criteria are processed. Typically the review process takes 1-2 months, but if applications are large it can take up to 3 months.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should click here to apply

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