How to write article and get paid


Let’s say you have had some thoughts on an issue and want to share them with others I write. What method will you use to do this? You may share your thoughts with people in your immediate vicinity. But what if you want to inform everyone, not just those people? What method will you use to do this? Isn’t it true that you’ll write such thoughts? Hence how to write articles and get paid is a career topic to help you earn while staying at home.


You’ve probably seen some authors or people write about their issues and solutions in journals, books, blogs, or online. They’re composing an article on their thoughts and views. We will acquaint ourselves with article writing and its structures in this part.


How to Write Articles and Get Paid – What is an article?

How to write article and get paid
How to write an article and get paid

Before we go further on how to write articles and get paid we must know what an article means. A document aimed at a broad readership is known as an article. The fundamental goal of writing an article is to have it published in journals, blogs, or publications so that it can make an impact in the community. It might be the writer’s personal interests, or it could be connected to current events. The issue can be important or just not and the overall tone might also be important or perhaps not.


How to Write Articles and Get Paid – Why do you get paid

The question is, why would you be paid to write an article? Many bloggers do not know how to write articles, so they pay you to get the job done for them. While others do not have the chance to write articles.


But again. Where do they make their money? It will interest you to note that, Google pays bloggers by placing ads (advertisements) on their site. An example of such ads is what you see below;


So bloggers are paid only if they have good content on their blog. That means the article must serve readers’ interests. It must not be a plagiarized (copy and paste) content. And must not be less than 600 words. This is why you will need to learn how to write articles and get paid. You can also learn how to handle a difficult boss on our other pages.


Steps to write an Article

Media articles, reports, reviews, informative articles, and so forth are all examples of different sorts of articles. Whereas each article possesses elements that really are special to its category, they all face the same problems. Writing articles may provide you the opportunity to share engaging and vital knowledge with viewers, from creating and evaluating your concept to writing and revising your content. Now to answer the question of how to write articles and get paid. Let’s take a look at the steps to write an article.


1. Get familiar With Your Topic

Get to know the sort of content you would really like to write about. Consider the sort of article that would best suit the ideas you would like to express as you decide on your subject and emphasis. If you are writing for someone, the topic to write about will already be given to you. Make sure you understand the topic and get familiar with it.


2. Brainstorm Your Topic

Prepare a list of possible topics of discussion. You could write concerning pets, healthy food, or the local rescue group, for example. You must restrict the topic in order to produce a clear yet brief essay. This will offer you a much more precise topic to write about, resulting in a more compelling post.

3. Choose a Better Topic

Make absolutely sure that is something you’ll be able to write extensively on. You should really be concerned about just the topic you select for your essay. Your zeal will shine through in your content, making it far more interesting for your audience.


4. Make Research

If you’re not conversant with the subject (for example, should you require to write a paper on a certain topic for a given course), you’ll need to do some thorough research.


5. Be Concise

Once you’ve decided on a topic and narrowed it down to be much more specific, think about how you can make your piece stand out. If you’re going to publish an article about a topic that a lot of other people are writing about, try to approach the topic in a unique way.


Make Your Point

The major point of the article is this. The author then looks for proof to back up his claim. A quality explanation is required to write a decent article. You can truly focus on the arguments you’re attempting to make once you’ve decided on your distinct viewpoint.


How to Write Articles for Money

The big question is how do you write an article for money? Since we have discussed how to write articles and get paid.


To get paid you will need to work as a freelancer. A freelancer means working from your home. BusinesHob in conjunction with Umahso Services is offering 2 days of virtual training on how to write articles and get paid.


During this training, you will get all the information needed, and have the opportunity to meet our article writing expert. You will also get the benefit of creating a working account without a partner so that you will begin to earn immediately after the training.


Ensure you register for the training. Visit our homepage to learn more about business and growth. we have an exciting topic and can help you be a good business person.

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