IMF (International Monetary Fund) 2021-2022 Youth Fellowship Program For Young People Worldwide

IMF (International Monetary Fund) 2021-2022 Youth Fellowship Program For Young People Worldwide

The Youth Fellowship program of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2021 offers young people an opportunity to become part of a worldwide effort to better build on and take part in the IMF in the lead in the crisis response. The IMF Virtual Annual Meetings will be held directly by program participants and participated in virtual training conducted by IMF specialists.

Some researchers will participate in a 2-day virtual session to debate current global economic concerns including inclusive growth, inequality, a digital economy, and climate change with senior staff. IFM management and senior staff will be participating.

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About International Monetary Fund (IMF)

International financial stability and monetary cooperation are promoted by the International Monetary Fund or by the IMF. It also facilitates world trade, fosters jobs and sustainable economic growth, and contributes to reducing poverty globally. The IMF is governed by its 189 Member States and is responsible to them. In July 1944, the IMF had been conceived in New Hampshire, United States, during the UN Bretton Woods Conference.

Aim and Benefits of IMF Youth Fellowship Program

  • Experience deep involvement and connecting opportunities in world climate change, inequality, inclusive growth, and digital economics with scientists, leaders, and IMF experts.
  • Participate in a program for virtual capacity building, including lessons on ‘impact presentation’ and storytelling.
  • Access to lectures and events at annual meetings.
  • Connect to former IMF Youth and get informed about future opportunities, activities, and publications. Fellows and stay informed.
  • Obtain an IMF Youth Fellowship Program Certificate of Completion.

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Requirements for IMF Youth Fellowship Program Qualification

  1. Must be between the ages of 20mto 30
  2. Experience in international studies, basic economics climate, and gender mainstreaming
  3. Have a good command of the English language
  4. Must have knowledge in entrepreneurship, blogging, journalism, and content creator.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should click here to apply.

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