Savvy Prize 2022 for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs (Win $3,000 Cash Prizes and Support)

Savvy Prize 2022 for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs (Win $3,000 Cash Prizes and Support)

Currently, the Savvy Prize 2022 welcomes proposals from firms driven by impact with a high-impact profit or profit-producing enterprises globally. The award is intended to celebrate and encourage business people with the effect that are committed to handling some of the world’s most critical challenges in an innovative and sustainable way. The Roddenberry Foundation is supporting the competition this year, including monetary rewards, development aid, and marketing opportunities.

The 12-week online learning program is called the Savvy Fellowship. From concept to venture development, you will learn everything from Savvy Fellows to start, create and scale a business impact. We will assist you to answer all the relevant questions you need to launch this amazing impact company, track early, build a product-market fit, and visual presentations on different markets. Your customer understanding, the creation of a product or service that responds successfully to your main problems, and the effective promotion of your solution in the market are just some of the things you will study during the program.

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Savvy is an entrepreneur for each effect, regardless of its development status. They have had more than 53,000 candidates from all around the world thus far, and have selected more than 4,300 fellows from 137 countries.

On 11 February 2022, the top ten candidates will be unveiled. The Top 3 winners will be revealed immediately after interviews and on March 11, 2022.


  1. The registration is totally free as there is no entry fee attached to it.
  2. The applicants must submit original, unpublished replies and cannot violate copyright legislation. All entries must be the only author and be fully entitled to them.
  3. By entering the award contest, candidates shall be assumed to have accepted any Savvy promotional material to utilize their answers.
  4. Savvy retains the right to delete and disqualify submissions submitted which might be infringing or considered inappropriate or improper in the context of this Prize competition.
  5. Savvy cannot be held liable for the inaccurate or incomplete submission of submissions.

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Selection Criteria

  • Innovative.
  • Community-based.
  • High potential for impact
  • Sustainable.
  • Originality.


You must first be a Savvy Fellow in order to be eligible for the Savvy Prize. This means that if you’re not yet a Savvy Fellow, you must apply for the Savvy Bursary and you may apply for the Savvy Prize straight away after you’ve been accepted into the Savvy Bursary program. Savvy Fellows can apply for the Savvy Prize immediately. The Savvy Prize application procedure is really easy and uncomplicated. There are six thought-provoking questions in the application:

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  • Why is it essential, and what is your problem? What is this? What is it? Why is the time now for this to be addressed?
  • How did you suggest the solution? How inventive and scalable is it?
  • Who is going to profit from this solution (special target group) and where are they?
  • What are your key milestones over the next 12 months following the award of the Savvy Prize? How will you know if you’re successful?

If you are not yet a Savvy Fellow, you can apply for the Savvy Fellowship Program first and you can apply for the Savvy Prize immediately after you have been approved. They can apply immediately for the Savvy Prize for the current and previous Savvy Fellows.
It is crucial to notice that the program is accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage entrepreneurs across the world for those who apply to the Savvy program.

This implies that the program welcomes those who wish to establish a business and those who have started a business.

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Eligibility Countries

Application for the Savvy Prize 2022 for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs (Win $3,000 Cash Prizes and Support) is pen for all countries.

How to Apply

  • For non-savvy fellows click here
  • For savvy fellows click here

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