The SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Programme 2021 for South Africans (SA)

The SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Programme 2021 for South Africans (SA)

The SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Programme seeks entrepreneurs. Perhaps they are willing to commit to expanding their businesses and reaching new heights of success. Hence from its very inception in 2015, this ground-breaking and life-changing scheme has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from across the nation achieve extraordinary results in a variety of industries.

Through vast entrepreneurship and innovation capacity building, coaching and mentoring, and access to global markets. Also includes financial services, and real business tools and frameworks. Hence the SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Programme. Perhaps helps business owners become effective and adaptable entrepreneurs. Members’ links with peers across the nation. To create a powerful system of possible chance long just after the scheme has been completed.

The SAB Foundation is particularly interested in providing chances for disabled business owners. Hence who are actively urged to apply. Likewise, business owners wanting to work in new and/or emerging industries. Thus which include trade, production, meal preparation, water, power, and waste management are encouraged to apply.

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Eligibility for The SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Programme 2021 for South Africans (SA)

  1. The business must be in existence with physical products.
  2. Applicant’s business must have its headquarters in South Africa.
  3. The business must be owned by a Black man or woman.
  4. Ensure that the business is very viable and sustainable before applying.
  5. As a necessity, the applicant must not be employed.
  6. Make sure you are managing the business on a full-time basis.
  7. Also, note that the business must be in the early stage of growth.
  8. Applicants must be ready to learn new ideas and able to utilize what they have learned.
  9. The Applicant must display an entrepreneurship skill.

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Benefits of the SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Programme 2021 for South Africans

Leadership development

Business owners that succeed are built on a foundation of enterprise, individual, and management qualities. We pay great attention to leadership training and personal growth, emphasizing it as far as the many areas of the program.

Practical skills development

5 lively pieces of training are a vital piece of the scheme, and participants must attend all of them. Personal Change and Program Management, Costing and Pricing, Operations & Marketing, Management Of Human resources, and Financial Reporting and Financial Planning for Small And medium businesses are among the topics covered in the useful lectures led by business professionals.

Mentoring and coaching

Entrants have three to 4 hours every month with an individual tutor. In addition to the coach, asset allocation organizers and the program director provide continuing assistance and encouragement. Agrispecialists, production engineering, and asset preparedness are among the consulting services available.

Online information sessions

Throughout the scheme, there will be a lot of internet knowledge transfer workshops. These exercises promote knowledge exchange, skill development, peer instruction, and connections.

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Access to resources

People who participated will then have access to a variety of funds in the areas of law and adherence, business growth, economic integration, financial access, and press and community interactions.

Performance tracking

The team can identify personal issues that require increased participation by reviewing and evaluating enterprise information, which also improves your company’s investment preparedness. The Tholoana Enterprise Programme team can also use this information to track the overall team performance, presents an overall view of your achievement in comparison to their peer group. On a regular basis, cash flow, accounting reports, and employment information are required to submit.

Peer-to-peer community and networking

A virtual peer-to-peer communications system enables members to discuss details, work collaboratively, and communicate key problems in regards to the networking chances provided at the training. It is necessary to actively participate in team events.

SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Programme 2021 for South Africans Focus Area

  1. A business that is either owned or is directly benefiting those with physical disabilities.
  2. Business within the rural areas.
  3. A business that is led by either women or youths.
  4. Long-term growth business.

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